Summer escape to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This summer I’m so involved with the creation of my new work that I decided to postpone vacations. However last week I took some days off and visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Mittelfranken, Germany.

I was surprised and delighted to see this famous city from the Middle Ages. Is one of the touristic Hotspots of Germany. It receives about 2 million visitors per year. The history of Rothenburg is really interesting; start about 900 BC. Here are some pictures of this visit:

Great view of Rödergasse Street, with Markusturm Röderbogen on the background.


This is one of the few cities in Germany that still have the city walls intact.


Part of the city walls and the ruins of an old tower.


Perfect for a great entrance.


St Jakobskirche



Rothenburg Council and the city square.


walking at the city square


This is one of my favorites places, it was the Rothenburg Castle. There was an earthquake in the middle ages and just this chapel survived. You can see the original castle on the drawing, and the red part is what now remains.


So lovely to walk at night in this town



Kriminalmuseum: middle Ages punishment for the gossip girls. Disclaimer: our model is not involved in any punishable activities


Kriminalmuseum: this is so cool! Just read the description. We need some of this flutes in South America (and of course in North America!)



Taking a break after walking outside the city walls.




The spirit of the plants

Por la mañana ella me pidio ver nuevamente al Shaman. Caminamos juntos hacia el pueblo, en medio del bosque. Al verlo ella le preguntó: „Maestro: ¿Porque ayer durante la ceremonia de ayahuasca, en medio de las visiones, vi rostros de muchos niños que me miraban en la oscuridad?“ El shaman la miro atentamente y respondió: „mmm sabes, no todos pueden verlos. Tu debes tener una habilidad especial para conectar con el mundo escondido del bosque. Tienes que saber, hija mia, que todos los seres vivos tienen un espiritu. Las plantas tambien. Y el espiritu de una planta es tierno como un niño. Ayer durante la ceremonia de ayahuasca los espiritus de las plantas que viven en el bosque decidieron venir a visitarte…“