Summer escape to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This summer I’m so involved with the creation of my new work that I decided to postpone vacations. However last week I took some days off and visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Mittelfranken, Germany.

I was surprised and delighted to see this famous city from the Middle Ages. Is one of the touristic Hotspots of Germany. It receives about 2 million visitors per year. The history of Rothenburg is really interesting; start about 900 BC. Here are some pictures of this visit:

Great view of Rödergasse Street, with Markusturm Röderbogen on the background.


This is one of the few cities in Germany that still have the city walls intact.


Part of the city walls and the ruins of an old tower.


Perfect for a great entrance.


St Jakobskirche



Rothenburg Council and the city square.


walking at the city square


This is one of my favorites places, it was the Rothenburg Castle. There was an earthquake in the middle ages and just this chapel survived. You can see the original castle on the drawing, and the red part is what now remains.


So lovely to walk at night in this town



Kriminalmuseum: middle Ages punishment for the gossip girls. Disclaimer: our model is not involved in any punishable activities


Kriminalmuseum: this is so cool! Just read the description. We need some of this flutes in South America (and of course in North America!)



Taking a break after walking outside the city walls.




Ausser mir. Exhibition at Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse

Showing a piece from the Secret Times series at Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse in Bornheim, Frankfurt am Main from 29th January -14th February 2016.



Flyer of the exhibition


I exhibited with the artists Klaus Bittner, Sybille Fuchs, Ape Job, Brigitte Kottwitz, Carolyn Krüger, Rosemarie Lücking, Zoya Sadri, Pepa Tardio Maya, Martina Templin and Sabine Voigt.



Friends, artists and collectors gathered in the vernissage. In the background my work “The Pilger”.

Vernissage at FRAP Beratungszentrum

I’m exhibiting some of the pieces of the Naturae portfolio at Frap Beratungszentrum in Frankfurt am Main from 17th – 29th July 2015.



The exhibition room at Frap is located in Mainzer Landstrasse 405 60326, Frankfurt am Main.


International Painting Symposium in Thessaloniki Greece

Now exhibiting at Capsis Hotel in the group exhibition “Culture of Cosmos” during the International Painting Symposium 2014 in Greece.


Two paintings made during the event. Inspired in my life in the rainforest and in Frankfurt, respectively.



Here with Dr. Hassan, from Egypt. Her mosaic work is amazing.



My dear friend Senol Sak, from Turkey. We were roommates and we worked toegether. He is known as “the fish painter”.

Perú pinta a Brasil

I have been selected to participate in the exhibition “Peru pinta a Brasil” organized by the Brasilian Embassy in Lima. The show is presented at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru the Cultural Center (PUCP). The exhibition reflects on the bounds between the two countries.




Happy posing for the photo, with my work “Visions of Rio”.

Art and Social Inclusion

I was invited to participate to the event “Encuentro de Cultura Libre”, called by Coherencia and Igualdad Peru. This show highlight the importance of social inclusion for disabled people and minorities.



In this serious photo the organizers and artists of the event.

Featured on History Channel

Peruvian dinosaurs

Now I’m exhibiting a sculpture series based on fossil discoveries in the Andean mountains for the educational public project “Peruvian Dinosaurs”. These dinosaurs were commissioned by Antamina Mining company. There is a lot to say about this itinerary exhibition. I’ll be sharing more information in my blog soon. For now, here some pictures taken in Miraflores Central Park:



Peruvian carnosaur sneaking around Miraflores Central Park.



This sauropod made a long trip, suffered decapitation and injuries. Now, repaired, is exhibited in Miraflores Central Park, Lima.



Cover photo of the dinosaur’s exhibition on the most important newspaper in Peru: “El Comercio”