Animal Kingdom: Solo exhibition at Kunst Trifft Holz Gallery

Last Friday, February 08th I exhibited my Animal Kingdom series at Kunst trifft Holz Gallery. This is the official exhibition for this series that I started in 2015. Until now, I have exhibited some pieces at group shows and privately at my Studio, but I wanted to present them in a place that has meaning to me. This place is Tröstau.

Animal Kingdom Solo Show from artist Arturo Laime. Vernissage

Full House with a lot of interesting visitors from all the region and artists from Kultur und Kunst Tröstau e.V. Many people said it was one of the best exhibitions in recent years. I believe them. 

Since I went to Tröstau in November 2017, I fell in love with the place. I come from a city that now has 10 million inhabitants, and the peace and friendliness of this region just touched my heart.

Last summer we the members of Austellungsraum Eulengasse participated in a Summer Art Festival there. I was the guest of a nice couple: Stefan and Sabine Schüller. When I saw their gallery I immediately thought that would be a good fit for my animals. I thank them with my heart for all the hard work and time invested to make this exhibition a reality, and for hosting me like a family.

For me, it is important to share my message of biodiversity conservation in big cities as well as in small communities.

I want to thank Daniel Fischer for all the media work he made for this event, from promotional videos to press releases and great photography, I’m amazed by the professionalism with Daniel runs Des Kutschers Kunst.

I won’t say that everything in my artistic career now is easy as a piece of cake. I fight really hard every day to keep moving forward with my mission as an artist in a new country and in a new language. What I can say is that the friendship and support of people like my friends in Tröstau make me feel unstoppable.

The exhibition is open until March 22th. Kunst trifft Holz Gallery. Hauptstr. 8, D-95709 Tröstau Germany.

Here some pictures taken at the opening:

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 01

the Vernissage opened with a few words given by sabine Schüller, owner and gallerist of Kunst trifft Holz Gallery, Wolfgang Hermann, chairman of the local artist association, and me. 

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 02

I have the blessing of having many of my colleages at the reception. Here at the right the sculptor and design teacher Wolfgang Purucker, personal friend of mine.

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 03

I was a delight to explain personally my work to many interesting people

Animal Kingdom solo show Arturo Laime 10

Stefan and Sabine Schüller. They are the creative duo behind SCHÜLLER holz Art. Sabine also runs Bine’s Drechselstube.

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 04

I meant this show to be for the whole family. Many people of all ages came and enjoyed a great time. Here speaking with artist Holger Winter. Back left artist Anita Dannhorn.

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 08

I had the visit of remarkable people that work for the surrounding communities, like Peter Berek Mayor of Bad Alexandersbad, Theo Bauer Mayor of Nagel, Rainer Wohlrab chairman of Künstlerhaus Schirnding, and Manfred Söllner, Mayor of Wunsiedel. Many thanks for visiting my exhibition. I feel honoured.

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 14

Caballero de los mares. Here having an interesting conversation with Frau and Herr Wunschel

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 09

I’m always available to my audience and followers. Here taking a selfie with the influencer Kerstin Bietz

Buffet at the exhibition Animal Kingdom

I consider this a beautiful piece of edible art, therefore it is truly Art. It’s that easy. Isn’t it curators?

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 06

At this show, I exhibited 13 of these mixed media pieces. This is an ongoing series. In the future, I will focus on German endangered wildlife.

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 13

Creation and creator. This rainbow macaw was the first piece of the whole series. 

My friend, colleague, and mentor the artist Wolfgang Hermann. He always guides me to interesting and fruitful experiences, even if at the beginning I resist, hehe.

animal kingdom solo show arturo laime 12

The Minis Kunst are there too, for collectors with a small budget. I’m committed to making art available to all.