Arturo Laime .  2015

Like a mosaic or a puzzle, this artwork was made using images of brochures from local department stores. I cut and glued shoes and jackets found in ads from Karlstadt and Jack Wolfskin. Looking at the bright colors of the sports shoes, I immediately thought about the macaws I saw in the Amazon jungle. I used elements from the everyday life to approach in a new way the lifeforms of our planet. I find interesting the relationship between sports, fashion, and wildlife that take place here.


Title: Parakeet

Creator: Arturo Laime

Date created: 2015

Location created: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Physical Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm (15,7 x  15,7 in)

Type: Paintings

Medium: Collage on canvas

Rights: © Arturo Laime Studio

Status: Available on e-shop