Amusement Park painting

Amusement Park

Frankfurt am Main, 2017

By Arturo Laime


The encounter between hunter and prey at a local fair. While painting this work, I thought about natural laws. For each predator, there is a prey. To eat and to be eaten. That´s the natural order. Sometimes it is difficult to understand. We can avoid thinking about it and surround ourselves with distractions like the two llamas at the fair. But there is always going to be a moment where we have to face our fear by looking straight at it.

The inspiration for this painting came from a small magazine cut, and from my visits to German fairs. After preparing the recycled panel I painted the image using carbon, latex, and acrylics.


Title: Amusement Park

Creator: Arturo Laime

Date created: 2017

Location created: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Physical Dimensions: 40 x 48 cm (15,7 x 18,9″)

Type: Paintings

Medium: Acrylic on wood panel

Rights: © Arturo Laime Studio

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