Der Grafensprung by Arturo Laime

Der Grafensprung

by Arturo Laime

About this artwork

“The Württemberger locked him up:
What did Wolf Eberstein do?
He rode from the castle
down to the Murg
to the steepest edge of the cliff.
There the world was clear of enemies,
there he blasted into the Murg:
God keep you, Eberstein.
Such bold flight brings no shame,
The enemies themselves rejoice.
He came down without trouble.
Then he rode away, free was the man.
See if he can do it like that.”

August Kopisch


Title: Der Grafensprung

Creator: Arturo Laime

Date created: 2022

Location created:  Black Forest, Germany

Physical dimensions: W1000 x H1500 mm (39,37 x 59 in)

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Type:  Painting

Rights:  © F. Arturo Laime P.