Frankfurter harbour artwork by Arturo Laime

Frankfurter Harbour

by Arturo Laime

30 x 28.5 cm ( 11,8 x 11,2″)

Acrylic on paper

Gernsbach Black Forest, Germany

© Arturo Laime

About this artwork

Some times, when the weather was nice, I used to go by bike from my home in Fechenheim to the Osthafenpark in central Frankfurt, just to feel the pulse of the city, and to check what was going on in Familie Montez. During the ride I saw people sailing in small boats on Sunday afternoon. The view of the main riverside at sunset is full of beauty, with intense oranges, reds and pinks.

I created Frankfurter harbour during a visit to the Black Forest. I started this painting using knives, putting the acrylic pigments directly on the paper. The final touches were made with brushes.