Jahrmarkt by Arturo Laime


by Arturo Laime

50 x 60 cm (19,7 x 23,6″)

Oil on canvas

Black Forest, Germany

© Arturo Laime

About this artwork

This work was inspired by my experience of living in a multicultural city. During my time in Frankfurt I lived with people from all over the world, and it was an experience as interesting as it was complicated. I remember travelling in the tram with the sound of hundreds of languages ringing in my ear.

What we learnt from living in this Babel is that we are all special, and we all have something unique to share with the society. I decided to explore this idea in a place of fun and entertainment, such as a funfair. The different deities are our avatars, such as Aphrodite, Herne, St. Michael of Africa, Shiva, Krishna and Pacific Island deities. The photo reference was taken at the Jahrmark in Karlsruhe