greek porter painting

Greek porter

by Arturo Laime

30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7″)

Oil on wrapped canvas

Black Forest, Germany

© Arturo Laime

About this artwork

This artwork was inspired by a documentary depicting the life and work of servants and slaves of the Ancient Greece. The muscular body of this painting is a reflection of the aesthetic used in Greek art. Definitively life was hard for many people at that time, but creating this painting reminded me of how much we still need to do to abolish slavery in the world and to provide better conditions for manual labourers.

To create the image, I used references of bodies, ruins, marine views and clothing of Greek porters. This artwork was paint on a framed canvas I stated filling the background with a layer of acrylic. Then I built up the image with graphite, ink and oil painting. I used some cuts from newspapers in the background to provide the texture of ancient rock.