the loggers

The loggers

by Arturo Laime

70 x 50 cm (27,5 x 19,7″)

Oil on canvas

Black Forest, Germany

© Arturo Laime

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About this artwork

I found my place in the Black Forest at the end of the winter of 2020. I moved because the forest called me again. I came to learn and to be again in contact with nature, in a way that was not easy to find in a big city like Frankfurt am Main.

At the beginning of the lockdown of 2020 I found a job as a logger, in the forests of Kaltenbronn, not so far from where I live. We found wood in the forest, that was already cut down by the forest services, we chopped it in smaller pieces and put them on the Wagen. I liked the respectful way of getting goods from nature without destroying it. It was hard work, but really pleasant.

Working at open air, in solitude and with this sense of vastness made me wonder how was the life of the ancient inhabitants of this region. Now there are some factories around, like paper and auto factories, but back then, the people needed to get everything directly from the surroundings.

To create this work I used oil paintings. I started by masking some parts of the canvas with tape to create the desired rhythm and direction of the trees. A photographic reference of myself and a relative was used to create the two men. The background is a recreation of Kaltenbronn forest.