warrior woman painting

The resistance

Arturo Laime .  2014

This painting is part of my series of fighters. I was always interested n the middle ages, when the Roman empire conquered a big part of Europe. At this time Germany was a group of tribes that fought with courage against Rome, to protect their land. I portray a german mother fighting for her family and her freedom. The female figure is based on a still image found on a video. Movement and motion captured from one single millisecond.


Title: The resistance

Creator: Arturo Laime

Date created: 2014

Location created: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Place part of: Germany

Physical Dimensions: 90 x 65 cm (35,4 x 25,6 in)

Type: Paintings

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Rights: © Arturo Laime Studio

Status: Available on e-shop