Featured on History Channel

As Andy Warhol said, I just had my fifteen minutes of international fame. I participated in the “IRT Deadly Roads” TV show, from History Channel. We were preparing the transportation of the Dinosaur’s sculptures from Chavin de Huantar to Chimbote (Perú) when we receive an offer from the producers of this show to let their truckers do the job. As you can see on the YouTube thumbnail, at the end everything went wrong! Antamina and I were running out of time for this exhibition, and the “help” of these guys made everything complicated! Well, better check the video, and bring popcorn.




  • G.W. Boles and Lissa Kelly are really nice people. They worked really hard for this episode. The other guys… I don’t even know their names!
  • On Television everything is a lie. You should never trust anything you see on TV.
  • Artist friends: don’t let a TV show take care of the transportation of your precious art!
  • Disclaimer: no dinosaur was permanently injured during the making of this episode.


Peruvian dinosaurs

Now I’m exhibiting a sculpture series based on fossil discoveries in the Andean mountains for the educational public project “Peruvian Dinosaurs”. These dinosaurs were commissioned by Antamina Mining company. There is a lot to say about this itinerary exhibition. I’ll be sharing more information in my blog soon. For now, here some pictures taken in Miraflores Central Park:



Peruvian carnosaur sneaking around Miraflores Central Park.



This sauropod made a long trip, suffered decapitation and injuries. Now, repaired, is exhibited in Miraflores Central Park, Lima.



Cover photo of the dinosaur’s exhibition on the most important newspaper in Peru: “El Comercio”