About the artwork

I believe in the creative intention, rather than concepts. Having lived for several years in Amazon rainforest, I find important to protect hotspots of biodiversity of our planet, and to achieve sustainable development of their human populations. Through my work I make visible this hidden and wonderful world. My painting is inspired by natural biodiversity and the life of native communities. I also speak about the relationship between man and nature that occurs in our current society. In this way my work means to me a bridge of dialogue and understanding, a reminder of our power to create a better future for our environment.

My primary form of expression is painting. I use oil, acrylic pigments and mixed media. Often I insert organic and recycled elements on the composition. I paint with brushes, knives or applying the painting direct into the canvas. The resulting texture makes every piece unique and highly tactile. I use strong colors and high contrast. My work walks in a thin line between figurativism and abstraction. My influences are expressionism, material painting and tribal art.

I work on canvas, recycled panels or paper. After choosing the main theme I do sketches and select the appropriate medium. Then, in a spontaneous process I build the painting. I believe the faster a work is done, the better the outcome. It results more true to the impulse that created it.