Warmi volajum screenprint

Warmi volajun (the flying woman)

by Arturo Laime

30 x 40 cm ( 11,8 x 15,7″)

Screen print on paper

Limited edition. 10 pieces

Lima, Perú

© Arturo Laime

About this artwork

As part of an exhibition about Latin American folklore I created this artwork as screen print. I chose the theme Warmi volajun (the flying woman). This story is part of the Ecuadorian myths. It tells the fate of a red haired Lady, that flies up in the sky. It is supposed to be part of the pre-Hispanic deities. As the Spanish conquerors came to America, they tried to erase all kinds of beliefs different from Christianity. With force (and many times blood) the imposed to the native population their religion. But the people secretly kept their faith, sometimes changing the meaning of the archetypes, and adapting them to Catholicism. In this new version, the flying woman turned into a witch.

The process of creation of this limited screen print was different and interesting. I started by making the artwork, and then I transferred it to the screen using glue. The Photo emulsion was added, and after a process in the dark room I washed out the glue and the screen printing began. I used a limited palette consisting of red, greens and yellows on a 250 gr. black paper.

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