Floating houses on amazon river

Floating houses on Amazon river

Frankfurt am Main, 2014

By Arturo Laime



This painting reflects some of my experiences in the Amazon rainforest. I expended remarkable times visiting the small villages in the shores of the amazon river. Once a year the Amazonas floods the rivershores up to 8 meters. The people in this places use to build their houses entirely with wood, and some of this houses actually floats in the waters. With strong brushstrokes and with a technique that mixes acrylic with oil pastels, this painting shows the strength and power of the Amazonas and their population.


Title: Floating houses on Amazon river

Painter: Arturo Laime

Date created: 2014

Location created: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Subject genre: Landscape

Subject: boat, river, house

Physical Dimensions: 85 x 70 cm (33,4 x 27,5″)

Type: Paintings

Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

Rights: © Arturo Laime Studio

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