A new Home. Arturo is back in the forest

After a lot of planning, packing and house work finally I’ve arrived to my new home in the Black Forest. It was not an easy decision to leave Frankfurt am Main heading to the unknown, but I’m glad I did it. In all these years I missed very much the daily contact with nature that I had in the Amazon rainforest. In that sense, living in Schwarzwald is a logical continuation of my path.

This is my first time living in a small city (if we don’t count Frankfurt, that in comparison with my hometown Lima with 10 million people, is small). I love Gernsbach, my new place, with all this medieval history, beautiful surroundings and nice people that is receiving me with a warm heard. As a South American, I missed that very much. This is going to be a perfect place to find new inspiration, new opportunities and keep producing art. I’m already learning the dialect of the region (Badisch) and I’m impressed how easily I can understand it. I will be posting more about the Black Forest and the medieval towns in the region soon.

I want to thank all my friends in Frankfurt for all this wonderful years. Most of all to my fellow artists, and the international people that shared with me cool times. But don’t worry; because I’m going once a week to Frankfurt to give my art classes, I still will be around.

Having a fulfilled career as a foreigner artist in Germany is not an easy task, and I would not say all my future is certain, but I like to think that life prepares us a wonderful path if we are open to walk it.

Now I’m preparing new work for my upcoming Open Studio, the first in this region. I still have a lot to do, lots of contacts to make. But I count in the support of my family, friends, collectors and colleagues in 4 continents around the world.

Please, visit my new work inspired by this region in my Official Art Gallery

New Horizons

Here having a walk in the Kurpark in Bad Wildbad