Art exhibition in Tröstau. Kunst-Kirchweih 2018

Last summer I had the great pleasure to exhibit my work together with my colleagues members of Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse Artist Association at the KUNSTkirchweih 2018 Festival in Tröstau, Germany.

There was a lot of works of art to see During that weekend. The exhibition took place in most of the town. Local business hosted many of the installations.

We started the festival with a cool vernissage given by artist Harald Wicht, at the Tröstau Council. 

Official photo at my booth, with a couple of my latest paintings.

Bine’s Drechselstube is the wonderful business run by Sabine & Stefan, my hosts during this weekend. I’m so proud to have an artist friend that combines Organic materials and creativity like Sabine. 

I must admit that at the beginning I was a little skeptical of this installation at the Barn, but after seeing it illuminated I changed my mind. It is one of the most surreal places I ever exhibited.  Here Rosemarie explains her work to some visitors.

The Trabant (Travi) is one of the most iconic symbols of the ex-east Germany. There is a club of travi fans here in Tröstau. They exhibited them in a very creative way!

Susanna Sitterding presented this installation. It is a permanent work in progress. She invites people from every place she visits to continue this textile, made of recycles fabric and pieces of plastic bags. It is an installation that evokes to me feelings of connexion and belonging.

Amazing installation & sculptures by artist Wolfgang Purucker. It was an intense experience that exceeded many installations I saw in big cities. 

Bronze sculpture by Wolfgang Stefan

The musicians of Tröstau in performance