Floating Pyramid on Amazon River

pyramid on amazon river
Floating Pyramid on the Amazon river. Arturo Laime. Art print under Acrylic glass. 100 x 100 cm. Available

There was a man that came to Amazon rainforest called by the spirits of the rivers. They appeared to him in visions during an ayahuasca ceremony and told him to construct a floating Pyramid. It was meant to be an incredible creation that would symbolize a new path of good and love for the forest. The man, following the visions, found a place near the river, and started the construction, using wood and natural elements.

The pyramid was magnificent. At the top, a golden Tao symbol reflected the sunlight like a lighthouse. It had a central building, where sacred ceremonies took place, and was also the only home of this man. Day after day he woke up and continued the hard labour of constructing a pyramid of 25 Mt per side, making it light enough to float in the currents. The spirits of the water gave him his blessing and sent myriads of tiny colourful fish that inhabited the flooded border of the pyramid.

But one day, the spirits of the wind, jealous of the integrity and devotion of his path, created a wind storm that blew away the floating pyramid, crushing it against the riverbank and then sinking it at the bottom of the dark waters. The man escaped back to his country,  sad and confused by the loss, asking the meaning of these events and questioning himself if anything he saw in visions was even true.

What he didn’t know at that time is that he constructed, not a building for men, but a temple for the spirits that live on the Amazonian rivers. Since then, many sailors say they have seen a golden floating pyramid, appearing and disappearing on the flow of the river briefly after a storm. They say it’s magic, home to pink dolphin-men and mermaids. They even say that it’s a portal between this world and the parallel world that exists at the bottom of the Amazonas river.

Do you know how I know all of this? because this is all true. I saw it with my own eyes.

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