Ships without ports

Ships without ports

by Arturo Laime

90 x 70 cm (35.4 x 27.6″)

Oil on wrapped canvas

Gernsbach, Black Forest, Germany

© Arturo Laime

About this artwork

Three ideas guided me to create this painting. One is the desert coast of Perú, where I lived most of my life. My home town Lima faces the Pacific Ocean, and there I lived fun and happiness in the summer season, and a touch of melancholy in the winter months. Because of the cold Humboldt stream the landscape is not a tropical jungle, but a desert made of thousands of kilometres of emptiness and sand. This environment is ideal for artists and poets looking for answers from within.

Once I made a trip to an unknown beach in the coast, called Atenas. It was a lonely place, full of beauty and abandoned boats on the shore, disintegrating slowly under the forces of the sun, the waves and the sand. I found this place amazing and I decided to add the boats to the painting.

The third element I chose was the ruins of American civilizations, older than the Incas. They made their pyramids using clay, and one can find traces of them scattered all over the coast. This three elements gave shape to this artwork. I guess that after living so many years in other continent this is a way to cherish the memories of my previous life.

Like the dunes are in a constant movement and change, so this painting had a process full of variations recompositions and changes. I started using a mix of plaster, glue and crushed leaves to add texture. Then many layers of oil colour were added.